Four Beautiful Keys -

                Girls Earrings
All our Girl's colletion is presented in a gift box! Special lil jewellery designs..For special lil girls!

Love Heart Earrings
Pretty Sterling Silver Colourful. Hollow Ear Studs Pretty pink studs with the text; Love
App: 9 mm x 8 mm
Price: £12.00
Blue Spotty Butterfly Studs
Pretty Butterfly studs Dark Blue & White spots! Hollow sterling silver.App: 10 mm x 7 mm.
Price: £12.00
Blue Owl Earrings
Pretty Owl earrings.
Sterling Silver hollow.Colourful Ear Studs app:8 mm x 8 mm
Black, Light Blue, Pink, White, Yellow
Price: £12.00
Pink Unicorn Head Earrings
Black, Light Blue, Light Pink, White, Yellow
Unicorn Sterling Silver .hollow.Colourful Ear Studs .
app:9 mm x 11 mm
Price: £12.00
Pink Cupcakes
Pink Spotted Cupcake earrings
Cupcake - Sterling Silver .Hollow.Colourful Ear Studs
app:7 mm x 10 mm
Price: £12.00
Orange Flower Earrings
Pretty Light orange
Flower studs - 925 Sterling Silver Crystal hollow.Ear Studs app:8 mm x 8 mm
Price: £12.00
Pink boot trainers
Pretty Pink & white trainer boots.
Sterling Silver. Hollow. Colourful Ear Studs app:10 mm x 6 mm
Price: £14.00
Purple tail Unicorn earrings
Pretty unicorn earrings
Sterling Silver hollow Colourful Ear Studs app:8 mm x 7 mm
Price: £14.00
Blue glitter tail mermaid earrings
Black, Cream, Light Blue Glitter, Light Purple, Yellow
Pretty mermaid stud :Sterling Silver Colourful.Hollow. Ear Studs App:8 mm x 9 mm
Price: £14.00
Green Tail Mermaid Earrings
Pretty mermaid stud :Sterling Silver Colourful.Hollow. Ear Studs App:8 mm x 9 mm
Black, Cream, Dark Red, Green, Purple
Price: £14.00
Green Heart Earings
Pretty Green Heart earrings.
Sterling silver .Hollow. App:6 mm x 6 mm
Price: £14.00
Colourful Feather Earrings
Light Green, Light Pink, Light Purple, Light Yellow
Feathers are Sterling Silver .hollow Colourful Ear Studs
app:5 mm x 13 mm
Price: £14.00
Chick Earrings
Pretty little chick earings with a lil pink wing! steling silver
Ear Studs app: 8 mm x 7 mm
Price: £15.00
Silver Unicorn Studs
Pretty Sterling Silver Unicorn stud earrings.
meas app:10 mm x 8 mm
Butterfly Backs.
Price: £17.00
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